The change in battery technology

Despite major advances in mobile devices, limited battery life remains a concern. A recent ABI Research report notes that those concerns may soon change as new battery technologies such as silicon anode, Germanium, and pure Lithium variants vie to replace traditional Lithium and graphite batteries.

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Growth hit

This year Germany probably underperformed Spain in the last quarter for the first time in more than five years as the euro-area recovery almost halted. Europe's largest economy contracted in the three months through June, a downturn highlighting the fragility of the revival.

Positive nostalgia

New research from the University of Southampton shows that feeling nostalgic about the past will increase optimism about the future. The research published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin examined the idea that nostalgia is not simply a past -oriented emotion but ist scope extends the future, with a positive outlook. Dr Tim Wildschut , co-author of the study comments: " Nostalgia is experienced frequently and virtually by everyone and we know that it can maintain psychological comfort.

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The sea marriage

Back in the days of the Republic, the doges dropped a gold ring into the bay to show the power of their mighty fleet. Venice continues to celebrate its association with the sea by keeping this tradition alive, although the doge is now a mayor and the golden galley destroyed in 18th century is now a vessel. The official part is followed by a sporting competition - a gondola race. Residents, tourists, and sailing vessel owners celebrate the event by offering each other rosebuds and tucking into pea risotto.